ENGL 1665 Introduction to Science Fiction


Catalog Description: Historical survey of key themes, texts, figures, and movements in English-language science fiction. GE C2 (wi)

Course Description: Science fiction (SF) is the premiere storytelling form of techno-scientific modernity, one whose very grammar allows people to convey their distinct experiences with science, technology, and society to a wide range of readers across centuries, continents, and cultures. Given this, it is no surprise that SF studies has expanded so dramatically in recent years. Fifty years ago, scholarship on SF was virtually non-existent with only one MLA panel and one non-accredited college-level class devoted to the genre. Today SF has competing professional organizations and is taught across several disciplines at high schools and universities around the world. SF has also become a nexus for interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary projects, with SF studies serving as a mode of critical inquiry that unites scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Currently, CSULA has no SF courses on the books. This course will provide an introduction to the genre that will allow students across majors—especially those in STEM fields—to engage with science and technology from the perspectives of the humanities. Offering this course at the freshman level will also allow for students most at risk for dropping out to engage with a genre that many find entertaining while working with them on their critical reading, writing, and analysis skills. 

This course meets the General Education Block C2 requirement. This course is also Writing Intensive.

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