CSULA Department of English | Department Information

The Department of English at the California State University,
Los Angeles is one of the fastest growing English departments in
the California State University system. Award winning teachers,
writers, and scholars offer a comprehensive English studies
program built around small classes, engaged critical reading,
thinking and discussion, and intensive analytical and creative

The English Department at Cal State L.A. offers programs
leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. These
programs encourage students to develop their minds, imaginations,
and skills through the study of literature and other forms of
written communication. The department offers a broad spectrum of
courses ranging from the traditional areas of British and American
literature to such subjects as world literature in translation,
ethnic literature of the U.S., women writers, folklore, children’s
literature, creative writing, critical theory, history and
structure of the English language, film, and many levels of

Majoring in English offers students many advantages for both
intellectual and personal development and provides a solid
preparation for a number of careers. Most directly, a bachelor’s
degree in English, Single Subject Teaching option, with the
required professional training in education, qualifies the
individual to teach English in secondary schools. But teaching is
only one of the many professions that welcome the English major.
The discipline requires and helps develop solid reading, writing,
and critical thinking skills. Literary study provides the complex
understanding of human experience that is essential for success in
many fields. Many graduates in English enter law schools, medical
schools, business administration, and civil service at all levels
of government. There are opportunities in insurance, publishing,
space industries, foundations, public utilities, personnel
relations, banks, advertising, and the print media.

The Master of Arts degree in English provides opportunities for
advanced study in literature, criticism, language, creative
writing, and composition and rhetoric. The program is offered with
three options. The General option is designed for students
planning to teach in a community college or to enter a doctoral
program. The Creative Writing option is designed for students
seeking to develop their skills as creative writers, to teach
creative writing, or to pursue careers in the media or other areas
where a combination of creative ability, communication skills, and
critical faculties may be particularly valuable. The Composition,
Rhetoric, and Language option is designed for students planning to
teach writing at the school, community college, or university
level, to work as professional writing consultants, or to enter
doctoral programs.