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The following handouts are part of the ENGL 101-2 base course. Please
note that the department provides two base courses for ENGL 101; please
ensure that you are accessing handouts for the correct course. (Handouts
for the other ENGL 101 base course can be found at ENGL

All files are in Adobe PDF format and should open in a new window.

1-1 Reading: "Pro & Con"

1-1 Reading: "School to Work"

1-1 Topic: School to Work

2-2 Discussion Questions: Education (1)

3-1 Topic: Education (1)

3-2 Prepare for Writing Workshop

4-2 Formal Requirements

4-2 Paragraphing

4-2 Quoting Guidelines

4-2 Thesis Formation

5-1 Discussion Questions: Education (2)

5-1 Reading: "Too Few Women"

5-1 Topic: Education (2)

6-2 Discussion Questions: Gender

7-1 Topic: Gender