Early Entrance Program - Application Procedure

Application Process

  1. Take a Qualifying Exam (ACT or SAT). The applicant will need at least a 22V and a 23M on the ACT, or a minimum score of 1050 with minimum 500V and 550M on the SAT. The SEAA offers the ACT for this purpose. Interested applicants must submit qualifying test scores to the EEP office by May 1st.
  2. Preliminary Interview with the EEP Director.  This meeting will enable information to be shared, assessments to be completed and questions to be answered. Most students are invited to complete a summer term of classes as part of the mutual assessment period at the completion of this interview session.
  3. Attend the Orientation.  This information meeting is typically held in May and is designed to allow all applicants to interact with regular EEP students, program staff, parents and, when available, EEP alumni.
  4. Complete your application packet. Your completed application packet must be submitted by the stated deadline (s) date (s) or before; the deadline dates for all applicant materials will be provided.
  5. Enter Cal State L.A as a Provisional EEP student.  You will become a Provisional EEP student by taking two 7-week Honors Academy courses during the summer.  Students will also be expected to earn qualifying scores on all placement exams, perform to a satisfactory level on all assignment(s) and assessment(s)* and attend all required assessment meetings
  6. Faculty Admission Committee (FAC) will include selected faculty members from each University college, administrative representatives, and the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies are invited to participate. The Committee may review all applicant application materials and may schedule meetings with EEP staff and/or any student applicant. The Committee convenes at least once in the fifth week of summer to make admission recommendations.
  7. Applicants recommended by the FAC to be Advanced to Candidacy for EEP admission are made by the sixth week of summer. EEP staff will present a list of these students to the Office of the UGS for review. The UGS will then make final approval decisions for all new EEP students. Admission decisions notices are then mailed home to each applicant and these notices will include one of the following recommendations from the UGS:
  • To invite student to join the Early Entrance Program immediately.
  • To invite the student to re-apply
  • To conclude that the early Entrance Program is not a good match for the student
  • Students Advanced to Candidacy will participate in Small Group Meetings with the program staff during weeks seven (7) through ten of the summer term in order to discuss life in the EEP as full time Early Entrants.
  • The final decision on EEP admission.  Final admission decisions cannot be made until after final grades are posted during the break period prior to the fall term (i.e. early September). Once grades are posted the UGS will meet with EEP staff to complete a final review(s) and the UGS will approve students for admission and will forward the list of these students to the appropriate University administrative offices.
  • The Student’s Decision.  If the student is invited to join EEP, the decision to enter college early should be made by the student. Some qualified students may wish to have a traditional high school experience, and that decision should be respected.

*Student assessments will include but are not limited to:  academic achievement, motivation to succeed, maturity, social compatibility, responsive-ness to direction and overall commitment to accelerated studies.  In addition, the student's "need for acceleration”, often measured in reference to their traditional school environment and experiences, is assessed