Early Entrance Program - EEP Application Guidelines

Early Entrance Program (EEP) Application Guidelines

Answers for commonly asked questions regarding the paperwork involved in applying to the EEP

The EEP Application

The EEP Application is a two-page document asking for basic family and student information including names of family members, address, phone and birth-dates. Page two asks for school and academic history and questions regarding the student’s life and reasons for applying. Please note that students should strongly consider adding additional page(s) to explain their reasons for applying to the EEP. The EEP Application includes support documents including transcripts and letters of recommendation. Please see below:

  • Letters of Recommendation should include candid information and opinions regarding the student's ability to succeed with college coursework, need for acceleration, social and personality strengths and/ or weaknesses, potential for success in advanced studies and comments regarding the student’s overall readiness for EEP participation. Letters should come from educators, past or present, and may include other adults familiar with the student. Note pages 3-4 of the application for distribution to letter writers.

  • School Transcripts should be submitted in an official, sealed envelope from the school(s) attended within the last academic year. Should such transcripts be unavailable grade reports may be used as a substitution for transcripts. Submit grade reports received from the student’s school for the last two (2) to three (3) "grading periods" (e.g. semesters).

The University Special Application To The EEP

This application generates the most questions, as its appearance is very formal. It is actually very simple and short. Errors may not affect final admission decisions but may cause delays in processing.

  • The application is a special form used to admit EEP applicants for the summer Provisional quarter. Side one (1) asks for basic student information including address, social security number and other demographic information like ethnicity and citizenship. Side one requires the student’s signature.

  • Side two (2) is the residency questionnaire which must be completed by the parent(s) and requires residency verification, like driver’s license, place of employment, tax return data and purchase date of home. Side two (2) requires the parent’s signature. In order to qualify for CSU tuition, students and parent(s) must be able to show proof of California residency established at least one (1) year prior to admission date. The Admission’s Office will notify the EEP if such proof will be required. Should you not have residency established you would be responsible for out-of-state tuition fees established by the University and you will not receive a fee waiver for your Provisional quarter of study.

Fee Analysis Form

This is the official tuition payment form found in every schedule of classes and should be used when submitting fees. EEP Provisional students will be responsible for registration fees and this amount changes yearly.

  • As we may need your fees prior to the publication of the official Fee Analysis form, we may provide you with a Temporary Fee Analysis form which will note the exact amount due. Fees cannot be submitted until students are admitted in to the university system after their Special Applications are processed.

Health Release Form

This is the University release form needed to administer care/treatment to your student should a medical emergency arise.

  • The form requires a parent(s) signature. Proof of immunization for Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMP); tuberculosis (TB) and Hepatitis B will also be required and should be attached to the Health Release form.

  • The University Health Center can perform the necessary tests required for a nominal fee but most school age children have already been immunized and have the appropriate records (typically a small yellow card). Should you be more comfortable submitting copies of immunization verification documents, please feel free to do so. Immunization records must be dated within the last calendar year from June 1st for the year in which you are applying.

ELM/EPT Test Application (Not needed for all applicants)

This application is a very important step in the Provisional process. The Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam and the English Placement Test (EPT) are the university’s assessment tools to determine if students are prepared to take college level math and English.

  • This application asks for basic student information and includes "bubble fill-ins". We will likely need this application very early in June as the test results must be available before the final admission decisions are completed. Test results are used in the assessment process. Tests may be scheduled in mid-June.

  • These tests cost $16.00 each and are typically taken either early in the summer quarter or shortly before summer begins. The University Testing Office is responsible for setting test dates, including the deadline(s) for submitting test applications; these date(s) and other important test information is noted in the ELM/EPT test packet. Fees are collected at the time of testing at the test site. The site is usually on campus in King Hall, held on Saturday, mid-morning. Note: it is sometimes possible to take the test at another CSU site (e.g. CSUN).

The General Education (G.E.) Honors Program Application

EEP students are potential members of the University’s G.E Honors Program, which allows them to take specially-designed classes with select faculty members. This application may be delayed until after the summer provisional quarter is completed and we will keep students notified of any and all deadlines on a yearly basis.

  • The application asks for various student information and includes an essay portion. The essay asks students to explain why they want to join the Honors program and what qualities the student brings to the Honors Program as well as the University.

  • There is a box designated for EEP applicants, please make sure your student checks this selection. The application should be submitted during the first few weeks of summer. Do not submit this form until instructed to do so by the EEP.

More Information

For more information about the EEP application process please call our office.

Note: Actual application paperwork is ONLY provided in person!

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