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Beryl Bellman

Beryl Bellman

Dr. Beryl Bellman teaches and conducts research in the areas of organizational communication and language and communication behavior. He has been in academia for over 43 years and this is his 23rd year at Cal State LA. He previously held faculty and research positions at the University of California at San Diego, SUNY Stonybrook, CUNY Graduate Center, and California Institute of the Arts, and was Research Director of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute. He also has been the President of the World Design Forum and a consultant at RAND.

In addition to academic positions he has twenty-five years concurrent consulting experience in both government and the private sectors. He has consulted in the public sector for the Department of Defense, Departments of Agriculture, Forest Service, Energy, Justice/INS, and the Whitehouse for the Executive Office of the President of the United States. He was also a contract consultant for NCR, AT&T, ASK, RAND and the Digital Equipment Corporation. This involved doing Enterprise Architectures in the aerospace, financial, banking, pharmaceutical, entertainment, and manufacturing sectors. This work included consulting in China, Korea, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, England, and Ireland. Last December he also presented a five-day workshop and Beijing University on Enterprise Architecture in Government. Dr. Bellman also co-founded the first academic network on the Internet in 1986 with funding from Digital Equipment Corporation and the US Department of Education/FIPSE. The network BESTNET (the Binational English and Spanish Telecommunications Network) linked universities in Mexico with major universities in the US. He brought these grants to CSLA and this was the first use of a Learning Management System on our campus several years before WebCT/Blackboard. Dr. Bellman was also active in helping establish the Internet in Africa through his work with the African Academy of Sciences, the AAAS, and the National Association of Sciences.

He has published several books and numerous articles.  His most recent book, The FEAC Certified Enterprise Architect CEA Study Guide ( August, 2011) published by McGraw Hill was co-authored with Prakash Rao and Ann Reedy. This 832-page book with accompanying CD presents a full overview of enterprise architecture frameworks, methods, and models; and provides a set of simulated models based on the creation of a new airport as an enterprise.

Dr. Bellman’s earlier research involved 18 years of ethnographic research in Liberia, which resulted in the publication of three major books on secrecy and secret societies. This work continues to be cited as an important contribution to the analysis of secrecy in society. He has also consulted in the field of international development for the Harvard Institute for International Development, the State Department, and Peace Corps.

Dr. Bellman is also the co-founder and Academic Director of the FEAC? Institute, which is an education, training, research, and certification organization in Washington DC for enterprise architecture. He is a frequent presenter at national and international professional and academic conferences.