Academic Advisement is an essential component for a positive student experience and your success at Cal State L.A. Obtaining Academic Advisement in a timely way and on a regular basis increases your opportunity to succeed academically, to successfully progress toward your degree objective, and to graduate in a timely manner.

In addition, because the approved degree program becomes the basis for determining your eligibility for a degree, changes in your program must have your advisor's approval. By seeing an academic adviser quarterly or at least semi-annually, your academic records can be entered on-line into the computer during advisement sessions. When the time comes for filing a "Graduation Check," it can be forwarded to the Graduation Office by your advisor in an accurate and speedy manner.



Communication Graduate Advisor:  Robert D. DeChaine, MUS 107, 323-343-4199


All faculty in the Department of Communication Studies do undergraduate advisement. They are available to address more specific issues related to the undergraduate program. In order to secure an appointment with a faculty advisor, please sign up outside of the Communication Studies office.  For a list of office hours each quarter, please call 323-343-4200 or visit the bulletin board outside of the Communication Studies office. Sometimes there is room for “Walk-in" advisement appointments. However, it is best to schedule appointments to ensure sufficient time to cover all of your advisement issues and needs, and to give the advisor an opportunity to prepare for the advisement session.


For general advisement needs, you may book an advising appointment online or you may visit the College of Arts & Letters Advisement Center located in the Music Building, Room 209. Office hours are Monday - Thursday from 8:00am to 6:30pm. and Friday from 8:00am - 6:00pm.

Be sure to bring with you to the Advisement session any pertinent information that will help your advisor provide you with complete, accurate, and up-to-date advisement information

Who and When Should Students Get Academic Advisement?

Academic Advisement is highly recommended for all new students prior to their first quarter in attendance at Cal State L.A. After your initial advisement session, you should consult an academic advisor at least annually, or more often as necessary, to enhance academic success. Undergraduate students who, upon admission to the University, are unable to select a specific major must consult an academic advisor in the University Academic Advisement Center (Library South 1040A)

Need additional information?

Please visit the CSLA Academic Advisement website.