Semester Conversion

Semester Conversion

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Cal State LA is converting from the quarter system to the semester system. Our last term on the quarter-based calendar will be Spring 2016 and our first term on the semester-based calendar will be Fall 2016, with Fall semester classes beginning on Monday, August 22, 2016. Semesters will comprise 15 weeks of instruction, plus final exam week. 

This page provides links, resources and information about semesters and the conversion process as well as about the new semester-based bachelor's degree program in Urban Learning.   It will also provide information regarding the semester conversion process for students in the program, and how we will develop students' Individualized Advisement Plans.  


New!  The semester Cal State LA catalog is now available.  

For Juniors and Seniors in a Cohort

For Frosh and Sophomores Completing GE Requirements

General Education Requirements

Pre-Fall 2016 GE Catalog

Fall 2016 GE Catalog and Later

For Freshman and Transfer Students Entering Fall 2016

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Our New ULRN Courses

CCOE 1010

CCOE 1010: Introduction to Higher Education in the Charter College of Education (3)

Development of critical thinking, decision-making, contemporary issue analysis, information literacy and writing skills addressing the personal, academic and social challenges facing modern students, educators and public service providers.  [GE E, IHE (cl)]

CCOE 3010

CCOE 3010 - College Success and Professional Preparation in the Charter College of Education (2)

Orientation to Cal State Los Angeles and the Charter College of Education; development of skills for successful transition to this campus and into professional preparation; ABC/NC; NIS Acct. Required

ULRN 4110

ULRN 4140:  Learning and Critical Thinking (4)

Perspectives and practices to integrate inquiry, problem-solving, critical thinking, metacognition, and self-regulation into urban learning settings emphasizing multiple perspectives and different points of view.

ULRN 4120

ULRN 4120 - Contemporary Issues in Knowledge, Culture and Learning (3)

Theoretical approaches to understanding the construction of knowledge in and through culture. Contemporary Issues and problems in a diverse learning community.

ULRN 4130

ULRN 4130 - Literacy and the Urban Community (3)

Prerequisite: Commission on Teacher Credentialing Certificate of Clearance or California Child Development permit. Basic concepts of emerging literacy in the urban community: family literacy, language acquisition, phonemic awareness and techniques for integrating early reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Field site application through communitybased experiences and service learning. Lecture 2 hours, activity 2 hours.

ULRN 4140

ULRN 4140 - Integrated STEM Project-Based Learning in Urban Environments (3)

Prerequisite: Completion of GE A4 requirement.  Identification and analysis of STEM-based problems in urban environment.  Development of functional and aesthetic design processes, planning, development and evaluation of integrated solutions.  Campus and field-based explorations, critical STEM literacy. Lecture 2 hours, activity 1 hour.

ULRN 4150

ULRN 4150 - Assessment and Learning (3)

Basic principles and applications of educational assessment. Learning goals and objectives, formal and informal measures, grading systems, accommodations and modifications, ethics and fairness in assessment, data-driven instruction, communicating results.

ULRN 4190

ULRN 4190 - Senior Seminar in Urban Schooling: Reading Writing, and Reflection (3)

Capstone course for students in the Urban Learning major.  Reading, writing, discussion and reflection on topics and issues relating to teaching and learning in urban schools.  (wi)