M.A. in Education, Option in Research and Evaluation

Welcome to the M.A. Program in Education (Option in Research and Evaluation)

Certificate Program in Bilingual Authorization

This program is not open for Spring 2019 admissions

NOT OPEN...Please check back with us in early October to apply for Fall, 2019 admission 

The Master of Arts in Education, Option in Research and Evaluation offers candidates the opportunity to examine theory and practice in educational research and evaluation; to participate in research or evaluation projects in school districts, non-profit organizations or at the university, and to assume leadership roles in research and evaluation. This program incorporates a specialization in research and evaluation into an existing Master’s Degree program. The three semester program consists of courses in program evaluation, evaluation of federal and state programs, assessment, and quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as opportunities to do field work and a culminating project or thesis or a comprehensive exam.

Fall 2018 Research and Evaluation option MA in Education

For more Information contact:

Betty Lee or Karen Von Lawn

Applied & Advanced Studies in Education


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Information sessions will be held in in spring 2019, dates, times and location to be announced. 


M.A. in Education, Option in Research and Evaluation