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Masters of Arts in Education options in Reading

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ~William Arthur Ward

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The Master of Arts in Education, Option in Reading, is for PreK-Community College level teachers who wish to further their expertise in the teaching of K-12 Reading and Language Arts. This program fulfills the requirements of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, as well as the International Reading Association's Guidelines for Reading Specialists. Completing a Master of Arts Degree automatically moves public school classroom teachers to the next step on their salary schedule. With this MA degree, graduates are also qualified to teach reading classes at the community college level. This MA program is closely linked to the Reading & Language Arts Specialist Credential, the California Reading Certificate, and the Postsecondary Reading Certificate programs. With careful planning, students can earn all four (4) graduate reading programs concurrently:  the M.A in Education: Option in Reading; the Reading & Language Arts Specialist Credential; the California Reading Certificate; and the Postsecondary Reading Certificate. (See either of the Graduate Reading Programs Coordinators  for more information.)

As graduates of the Master of Arts in Education, Option in (PreK-Community College Level) Reading PROGRAM, one may find work as:

  • Reading and Language Arts teachers at the Pre-Kindergarten through Community College level
  • Reading and Language Arts Specialists in public and private schools
  • Developers of Reading and Language Arts curriculum
  • Reading and Language Arts Specialists at the County Office of Education and/or the School District Office
  • Educators within informal non-academic environments such as museums, zoos, aquaria, and tutoring clinics.
  • Providers of professional development and in-service workshops in Reading and Language Arts.
  • Authors of Reading and Language Arts textbooks
  • Reading and Language Arts consultants for publishing companies.

Program Outcomes:

Students will: 

  • Develop an understanding of current issues, practices and directions in Reading and Language Arts curriculum and the ability to inquire into these.
  • Develop knowledge and skills in educational research.
  • Develop analysis and reflection skills for written and oral communication.
  • Identify and analyze topics of importance in current educational conversations and debates for critical issues related to Reading and Language Arts.
  • Increase their confidence to teach Reading and Language Arts.
  • Deepen their commitment to their students and their students’ learning of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Increase their confidence to teach Reading and Language Arts.
  • Improve their ability to manage and assess their students’ Reading and Language Arts learning.
  • Augment their capacity to think reflectively about their teaching of Reading and Language Arts.
  • Increase their capacity to become an agent of change in the field of Reading and Language Arts education.

​Masters of Arts in Education Option in Reading