Early Childhood/Primary Education Program Faculty

Program Faculty

As part of the Early Childhood/Primary Education Option, you’ll receive instruction from faculty members with extensive experience in teaching young children, research in early childhood education, and preparation of early childhood educators.

If you’d like to learn more about the Early Childhood/Primary Education Option, you can contact either one of the program coordinators:

​Dr. Olaiya Aina, Ph.D 

Office: KingHall A-2050
Phone: (323) 343-6163
Fax: (323) 343-5458

E-mail: oaina@calstatela.edu

Office Hours
Monday 2:00AM-4:00PM 
Thursday 2:00AM-4:00PM 

Dr. Ann Barbour,Ph.D

Office: KingHall A-2028
Phone: (323)343-4372
FAX: (323)343-5458
Email: abarbou@calstatela.edu


Masters of Arts Degree in Education Option Early Childhood/Primary Education