Why MA in Educational Technology and Leadership?

Program Outcomes

  • You can be a leader in the expanding field of educational technology in the PK-12 school environment or other academic and training settings.
  • You will be skilled in various learning theories and technology tools.
  • You will have invaluable opportunities to work with professionals in the field through an internship.
  • You will be prepared to excel in the growing field of multimedia, e-learning, immersive education, and human performance technology.
  • You will be ready to use educational technology at your place of work and to become a technology leader.
  • You will be skilled to teach students about technology, to incorporate educational technology into your teaching, to conduct professional development, to select, evaluate and modify instructional software, to review and recommend hardware, and to create multimedia, hypermedia, websites, videos, and e-learning delivery

As graduates with a Masters of Arts Degree in Education: Option in Educational Technology and Leadership, you may find work as: 

  • Educational technology teachers
  • Media development specialists
  • Computer coordinators for a school or school district
  • PK-12 school lab coordinator
  • Technology trainers
  • Instructional designers
  • E-learning designers
  • Virtual environment designers
  • Web developers
  • Education technology content specialists
  • Interactive designers
  • Educational video producers
  • Instructional technologists
  • E-learning curriculum designers
  • E-learning coordinators
  • Teachers at PK-12 schools who integrate technology into their teaching.
  • Multimedia designers