Written Comprehensive Examination

Yellow Icon Written Comprehensive Examination

Description of the Process

  • Sometime after your ePortfolio are turned in, you will be given approximately eight articles to read. The comp exam questions will be based on these articles.
  • You will be assigned an ID number when you turn in your ePortfolio. This number will be used for the written part of your exam. This allows your written exam to be graded anonymously.
  • You will be taking the exam online. The questions will be made available to you on Moodle and you will email your answers to the AASE office. You will receive specific instructions when you turn in your ePortfolio. 
  • The three-hour written comprehensive exam is typically administered during the seventh week of the quarter in which you register to take the comprehensive exam. AASE will inform you of the exact time of the examination. It is usually 9am-noon.
  • You will answer two questions during the written exam. One question is general, which all students receive. And, the other question is specific to your MA degree option.
  • If you turn in your comp exam late you will have points deducted from each answer that is late.
  • A faculty committee (constituted by the faculty) will evaluate your written answers based on a rubric (you will have a copy of the rubric) and give you a numerical grade (points).
  • Students re-taking the exam will receive the same articles given to all other students in the current cycle.