New Media and Production Program Information

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The M.A. program in New Media Design and Production at California State University, Los Angeles, is designed to prepare professionals who will work as designers and/or managers of instructional media and technology, including computer-based instruction and educational multimedia. Those who have completed the program are prepared to work as teachers who use media and technology, as software designers in companies that produce computer-based instructional software or educational multimedia, as technology trainers in corporations, or as managers of educational media facilities in schools or other educational and training settings. Teachers who wish to become experts in developing educational media and technology and incorporating media and technology into their classrooms or schools should consider this program.

In order to prepare well-rounded instructional technologists the program provides instruction in several areas, including: instructional media and curriculum design, authoring tools, multimedia production, computer-based instruction and educational foundations and research. Note : A valid California teaching credential is required for teaching positions in public K-12 schools.

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Requirements for the Degree (45 units)

A total of 45 or more units is required, with at least 23 units in 500-level courses.  A comprehensive examination or a thesis or project is required. 


  • EDIT   430      Information Technologies in the Classroom (4)

Required Courses (30 units)

  • EDFN 500      Evaluation of Educational Research (4)
  • EDIT   451      Survey of Instructional Media and Technology (4)
  • EDIT   484      Computer Authoring Tools (4)
  • EDIT   501      Instructional Design of Mediated Instruction (4)
  • EDIT   550      Multimedia Design and Production (5)
  • EDIT   557      Computer Assisted and Managed Instruction (5)
  • EDIT   580      Applied Experience in Instructional Technology (4)

Electives (8 or 15 or more units in Instructional Technology) or related fields
Select from the following, depending on the choice of thesis, project, or comprehensive examination—total units in program must be 45 or more with 23 units or more at the 500-level. 

  • EDIT   435      Computer Systems in Education (4)
  • EDIT   472      World Builders (5)
  • EDIT   490      Special Topics in Instructional Technology (2-5)
  • EDIT   540      Instructional Graphics Design and Production (5)
  • EDIT   550      Multimedia Design and Production (5)
  • EDIT   554      Video Technology in Education (4)
  • EDIT   556      Technology Leadership in Schools (5)
  • EDIT   560      Internet and the World Wide Web in Education (4)
  • EDIT   565      Distance Learning (5)
  • EDIT   594      Selected Studies in Instructional Technology (1-4)

Comprehensive Examination or Thesis or Project (0 or 7 units)

  • EDFN       596            Comprehensive Examination (0) or
  • EDFN       599A         Thesis* or Project Planning (3) and
  • EDFN       599B         Thesis* or Project  (2) and
  • EDFN       599C         Thesis* or Project (2)

Students should expect to take the comprehensive examination (EDFN 596) during the Fall or Spring Quarter and must comply with College and division requirements.