Comprehensive Examination Evaluation

Yellow Icon Comprehensive Examination Evaluation

Evaluation of Your ePortfolio

  • The faculty will evaluate your ePortfolio using the ePortfolio Evaluation Rubric (you will have a copy of the rubric). A summation of the evaluation (with your points) will be sent to you approximately 2 weeks after the due date.
  • The points you receive for your ePortfolio will be added to the points for the written examination to obtain a total score for the entire comprehensive examination.

Passing the Comprehensive Examination

  • A total of 80 points, with a minimum of 40 points for the ePortfolio and 40 points for the written comprehensive exam, is required to pass the comprehensive examination. 
  • You will be notified in writing of your pass/fail performance by exam week or earlier in the quarter. You may receive oral feedback and comments from the program coordinator.
  • Late submissions will be penalized with a half a point per minute. After 20 minutes no submissions will be accepted.
  • University policy states that the comprehensive exam may only be repeated three times. The comprehensive exam is only offered during fall and spring. If you are unable to pass the comprehensive exam by the third attempt, you will not be awarded the MA degree.