Reading & Language Arts Specialist Credential Why Reading/Language Arts

Why Reading and Language Arts?

Program Outcome

Students will be authorized to:

  • Develop and coordinate Reading & Language Arts programs at the school, district, or county level in California
  • Select and adapt Reading and Language Arts instruction materials
  • Plan and conduct Reading and Writing staff development
  • Assess student progress and monitor student achievement in Reading and Writing
  • Provide direct Reading and Writing intervention work with students in any grade level K-12, or in classes organized for adults
  • Develop an understanding of current issues, practices and directions in Reading and Language Arts curriculum and the ability to inquire into these
  • Develop knowledge and skills in educational research; develop analysis and reflection skills and Written and Oral communication
  •  Develop analysis and reflection skills for Written and Oral communication 
  • Increase their confidence to teach Reading and Language Arts
  • Improve their ability to manage and assess their students’ Reading and Language Arts learning
  • Augment their capacity to think reflectively about their teaching of Reading and Language Arts
  • Increase their capacity to become an agent of change in the field of Reading and Language Arts education


​Reading & Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential