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“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” -Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!"

This program is not open for Fall 2020 admissions.

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The California Reading Certificate is an advanced State of California issued added authorization certificate above and beyond the Single Subject, Multiple Subject, or Special Education teaching credential. It authorizes the holder to develop and implement reading curriculum, adapt reading content curriculum, and assist classroom teachers at a single school site in California at the grade levels authorized by his/her  basic teaching credential. At CSULA, with careful planning, students may complete the requirements of the California Reading Certificate during the first half of their Reading & Language Arts Specialist Credential program and/or Master of Arts Degree: Option in Reading, and earn the Postsecondary Reading Certificate concurrently. (See either of the Graduate Reading Program Coordinators  for more information).

As graduates of the California Reading Certificate, one may find work as:

  • Reading & Language Arts teachers at the PreK-12 level of their basic teaching credential
  • A Reading and Language Arts Specialist in a single public or private school
  • Developers of Reading and Language Arts curriculum for a single school site
  • Educators within informal non-academic environments such as museums, zoos, aquaria, and tutoring clinics. 
  • Providers of professional development and in-service workshops in Reading and Language Arts for a single school site.
  • Authors of Reading and Language Arts textbooks. 
  • Reading and Language Arts consultants for publishing companies.

Program Outcomes:

Students will: 

  • Develop and coordinate Reading & Language Arts programs at the school level in California.
  • Assist and support classroom teachers in Reading and Writing instruction and teaching strategies for a single school site.
  • Select and adapt Reading and Language Arts instruction materials for a single school site.
  • Plan & conduct Reading and Writing staff development for a single school site.
  • Assess student progress & monitor student achievement inR and Writing.
  • Increase their confidence to teach Reading and Language Arts.
  • Provide direct Reading and Writing intervention work with students at the level of their basic teaching credential for a single school site.
  • Develop an understanding of current issues, practices and directions in Reading and Language Arts curriculum 
  • Develop knowledge and skills in educational research.
  • Develop analysis and reflection skills for Written and Oral communication.
  • Identify and analyze topics of importance in current educational conversations and debates for critical issues related to Reading and Language Arts.
  • Deepen their commitment to their students and their students’ learning of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • Increase their confidence to teach Reading and Language Arts.
  • Improve their ability to manage and assess their students’ Reading and Language Arts learning.
  • Augment their capacity to think reflectively about their teaching of Reading and Language Arts.
  • Increase their capacity to become an agent of change in the field of Reading and Language Arts education.

California Reading Certificate