(Postbaccalaurate) Postsecondary Reading Certificate Program

Welcome to Postsecondary Reading Certificate Program

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The CSULA Postsecondary Reading Certificate authorizes the holder to teach reading courses at the Community College level. With careful planning, students can earn an M.A. in Education: Option in Reading, and/or a Reading & Language Arts Specialist Credential, and/or a California Reading Certificate concurrently. Consult  either of the Graduate Reading Programs Coordinators for additional information. This program requires a minimum of 22-23 units.

As graduates of the Postsecondary Reading Certificate program, one may find work as:

  • Community College Reading Course Instructor
  • Community College Reading/Writing Lab Director
  • Private tutor for high school and/or entering college students needing help to enhance their college level reading/writing skills

Program Outcomes
Students will: 

  • Assess student progress and monitor student achievement in Reading and Writing at the community college level
  • Teach remedial Reading/Writing courses at the community college level
  • Select and adapt Reading and Language Arts instruction materials for community college reading classes
  • Plan & conduct Reading & Writing staff development for community college instructors
  • Increase their confidence to teach Reading and Writing
  • Provide direct Reading and Writing intervention work with community college students
  • Develop analysis and reflection skills for Written and Oral communication
  • Deepen their commitment to their students and their students’ learning of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Improve their ability to manage and assess their students’ Reading and Language Arts learning
  • Augment their capacity to think reflectively about their teaching of Reading and Language Arts

Program Faculty:
As a part of the CSLA Postsecondary Reading Certificate program, students receive individual advisement and instruction from expert faculty members who combine extensive classroom-teaching experience, research, and pre-service and in-service teacher development in the area of Reading and Language Arts. For more information regarding CSULA Postsecondary Reading Certificate, contact either of the Graduate Reading Programs Coordinators below:

Dr. Darlene Michener

Dr. Joan Fingon