TESOL Certificate Programs

TESOL Certificates


Besides the MA in TESOL Program, we offer two TESOL Certificate Programs:

  • Certificate for Teachers of English Learners: The post-baccalaureate Certificate for Teachers of English Learners provides added professional preparation and training in ESL/EFL for teachers of all educational levels. Coursework is required in theories of second language acquisition, instructional methodology, and English for academic purposes along with an elective course in pedagogical grammar or materials and curriculum design. For more information about the Certificate for Teachers of English Learners, click here.
  • Graduate Certificate Program in ESL/EFL:The Graduate Certificate Program in ESL/EFL is designed to prepare students to teach ESL in post-secondary settings in the U.S. or to teach EFL abroad. Specifically, the program is designed for (A) students who hold a master’s degree in a discipline other than ESL or applied linguistics and wish to be certified to teach ESL in a community college or university and (B) students who plan to teach EFL abroad. For more information about the Graduate Certificate Program in ESL/EFL, click here.