Formal Admission to the Teacher Credential Program

Formal Admission to the Teacher Credential Program

Admission to the Charter College of Education (CCOE)
Teacher Credential Program

Steps for formal admission

Step 2

Formal admission to the CCOE Teacher Credential Program

Formal Admission criteria include:

  • Completion of the Conditional Admission Step 1 process
  • Completion of the following while enrolled in EDCI300/EDSP300.
    • Verification of completion of EDCI 300: The Teaching Profession: Preparing the Urban Educator or EDSP 300 Introduction to Special Education.
    • Verification of completion of 45 hours of early field experience, signed and approved by instructor.
    •  Completion of a successful oral interview as well as completion of a Program Planning Sheet for each credential and/or certificate objective.
  • Verification of speech proficiency. Credential candidates must present evidence of competence in spoken English proficiency. Competence is defined as: a grade of a C or better grade in COMM 150 or equivalent Public Speaking course or demonstration of competence in COMM 151 - Speech Proficiency Assessment for Teachers. (Please check the Schedule of Classes for course offerings each quarter.)
  • Verification of successful completion of the CSULA Writing Proficiency Examination (UNIV 400). (See Schedule of Classes for test dates. See the University Catalog for the official policy governing this requirement.)

    Graduate students who scored 41 or higher on the writing section of the CBEST may meet this requirement by providing a copy and showing their original CBEST score card to the staff in the Office for Student Services, King Hall D2078.

  • Verification of successful completion of EDFN 413 or equivalent (for multiple subject and single subject candidates only).

    All SB2042 candidates with the exception of those enrolled in an approved Blended Program must receive a C grade or better in EDFN413 prior to formal admission to the credential program. Blended students must satisfy this requirement prior to enrolling in Block 2 courses. *Not required for admission to special education programs.

  • Verification of successful completion of HS457/HS456.

    Blended students must satisfy this requirement prior to Block 4. *Not required for admission to Special Education programs.

    Students who completed EDSP400 prior to Summer 2003 must complete HS456 with a grade of C or better to satisfy the health requirement

  • Verification of having passed all sections of the MSAT * or CSET: Multiple Subjects (for Multiple Subject candidates only). All Multiple Subject post baccalaureate and undergraduate students not enrolled in blended programs must pass all three multiple subjects subtests of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) as a prerequisite to BLOCK 1. MSAT and CSET scores are valid for five years from initial test date (unless recorded on a previous credential/permit by the CCTC).

    Undergraduate, Blended multiple subject candidates are not subject to this requirement but must pass all sections of the CSET prior to Directed Teaching.

    Students in Early Childhood Special Education are not required to take CSET or MSAT, however they must have an undergraduate degree in Child Development or equivalent (see advisor to determine equivalent) and experience with children under 5 years of age.

  • Successful interview with the Teaching Credential Admission Committee, if applicable.


Multiple Subject: EDCI 402, EDEL405, EDFN440

Single Subject: EDSE 401, EDSE415, EDFN 440

Education Specialist: restricted courses, such as EDEL 415, 417, EDSP 407

If you are planning on graduating prior to completing or beginning a teacher credential program, you must re-apply as a post baccalaureate student.