Reading Clinic Student Learning

All tutors prepare weekly lesson plans developed to meet the needs of each student. Overall, the Clinic uses a balanced approach to teaching reading instruction including word recognition skills (including  sight words, phonics skills, context clues, and structural analysis), fluency, vocabulary development, and listening and reading comprehension.

Writing skills, oral language development, and study skills are also addressed.

All children who enroll in tutoring are provided with relevant and appropriate reading materials to encourage them to become lifelong Student learningreaders. Clinic library books are available each session for students to choose from and borrow for at home reading to encourage each student to develop the habit of reading for pleasure.

Students work individually or in small groups of 2 or 3 students.Classroom teachers who are working towards a Master’s Degree in the field of Reading Education and earning a California Reading and Language Arts Specialist Credential provide the tutoring services supervised by the Clinic Director.

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