Testing, Reading Clinic


Reading and Writing Clinic CCOE, CSULA

Testing for students takes place in the Charter College of Education’s Reading & Writing Clinic on the CSULA campus.  Parents may call for a time when testing occurs once a semester throughout the academic school year.  Assessments are performed by CSULA graduate students who are earning their Master’s Degree in Reading Education and seeking advanced certification as Reading & Literacy Leadership Specialists, supervised by CSULA faculty.  The Reading & Language Arts Specialist Candidates administer a variety of professional assessments to measure children's reading, writing, and cognitive abilities.  After testing, a student may be recommended for tutoring at the Clinic.  Payment for testing is based on a sliding scale.  Testing takes approximately 75 minutes. 

The clinic serves students who are struggling readers or in need of  reading and/or writing tutoring, English language learners, students with mild to moderate special needs (such as individuals with ADHD and high functioning autistic students), as well as gifted and talented students.  If you would like to have your child tested, or know someone who is interested in having a child tested, please contact the Reading Clinic Director.

Note: Pre Kindergarten and Young Adult Assessment and Tutoring is available by special request.