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Reading Camp CCOE, CSULA


The mission of the CSULA Charter College of Education Reading & Writing Clinic is a 2-way Community Engagement project serving the public good impacting both this and the next generation in that the tutoring these students receive will have an exponential effect as those students are then better prepared to help their siblings, cousins, neighbors, and even parents at home enhancing their own reading and writing skills!


Each Quarter our CSULA Charter College of Education Reading and Writing Clinic serves approximately 50 Pre-Kindergarten through Community College level students predominantly from CSULA’s focus East Los Angeles Community who are mostly referred by their teachers as needing extra support for their Reading and Writing skills, as well as their parents.

It also serves as a venue for hands-on experience for approximately 150 Charter College of Education Graduate Students working on the Master’s Degree in Reading Education and seeking to complete advanced certification to become California Reading and Language Arts Specialists in area schools.