B.A. in Urban Learning

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Learning

The Urban Learning Program is a blended (elementary subject matter) undergraduate major for students wishing to earn a bachelor’s degree and teaching credential concurrently, and to be prepared to teach in the diverse schools of urban Los Angeles. Teaching in an urban environment presents both distinct challenges such as transience, overcrowding, shortages of materials, as well as opportunities that include the blending of cultures, artistic resources, and current technology.

The Major and Credential Options

The major program consists of 180 units of general education preparation, coursework in the major and electives appropriate to the student’s credential option. Students may earn one of two credentials in the program:

A Multiple Subject credential, preparing the student to teach children grades K-8 in self-contained classrooms. Students may also add a subject matter authorization to their credential, allowing them to teach subject matter curriculum for grades 7-9.

An Education Specialist credential, preparing the student to teach children with disabilities ranging from birth to grade 12, depending upon the disability option they select. The student may select from among five options: Early Childhood Special Education, Mild-to-Moderate Disabilities, Moderate-to-Severe Disabilities, Physical and Health Impairments and Visual Impairment and Blindness.

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