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Tony Longson
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Tony Longson


Cybernetic Sensibility is the first media exhibition of Daelim Contemporary Art Museum in Korea. The exhibition where 19 Korean and foreign artists are participating is succeeding the concept of a historically important media exhibition held in London in 1968. While where people from various fields of study such as scientists, composers, poets, philosophers, painters were participating introduced different genres into the domain of art through the mediation of computer, surveys the traces of various results produced during the process and provides prospects of the future of media art.

In the exhibition, the software being used as a tool of expression, the world of interactive, variations from originality, and spontaneous creations made by orders and reactions of audiences are presented. Beyond playful entertainments created just from the machine responses, this will bring about an understanding of the birth and developments of a new art genre among the general public. This exhibition will provide audiences with a chance to contemplate on the artistic use of computers through various forms of artworks, and the audiences will complete the artworks experiencing the new artistic sensibility. We are deeply grateful to those who lent works to the exhibition including bitforms gallery, the Spalters, and Tony Lonson.

Tony is also included in the recently published book White Heat Cold Logic British Computer Art 1960-1980. The MIT Press states "In this heroic period of computer art, artists were required to build their own machines, collaborate closely with computer scientists, and learn difficult computer languages. White Heat Cold Logic's chapters, many written by computer art pioneers themselves, describe the influence of cybernetics, with its emphasis on process and interactivity; the connections to the constructivist movement; and the importance of work done in such different venues as commercial animation, fine art schools, and polytechnics."