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Jim Ovelmen
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Jim Ovelmen

"One of my most steady concerns in creativity involves how to present theatrical conditions of moving and still images, against notions of social and political change, and examining relationships therein.

More personally, my own imagined icons, roles, and personas accrue into a specialized bank for meditation and fantasy, in which I hope the viewer of my work will be willing to engage and perhaps enter one's own fantasy.

Not unlike the escapist fantasies of Hollywood cinema and animation, yet with a critical examination of what it means to be disembodied by the moving image."

Jim Ovelmen is a visual and mixed media artist. His work continues to be shown internationally. He has exhibited his work in numerous museums and galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Vienna, Tokyo and elsewhere. Shortly after he received his MFA from CalArts in 1997, Jim has been exhibiting his artwork and performing in mixed media installations. He has also worked in the animation industry creating work for many major animated feature films. His drawings and paintings are owned in many private collections. His numerous exhibitions often include video projection, 3D animation, drawing and installation. Jim has taught art and animation at many universities and colleges in the greater Los Angeles area before becoming a full-time assistant professor at CSULA in 2007. Jim is participating in the prestigious first annual Aichi Triennale this Fall, 2010.  His installation will serve as one representation of American art for this major international exhibition.

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