Art Semester Conversion

ART Semester Conversion

Academic Vision for Semester Conversion

California State University, Los Angeles will adopt the semester system in the Fall of 2016 (August 22). Most of the option programs in the Art Department revised and modified their courses to better serve students. Semester schedule and road maps for undergraduate and graduate programs have been drafted by the option faculty and in the process of compiling them.  When the final draft of semester schedule and road maps are ready, which are disseminated to all faculty and students. It will be the department discussion in the next department meeting.

This page provides links to resources about semesters and the conversion process as well as about the new semester-based degree programs in ART.

Department Contact

Dr. Mika Cho, Chair

Professor Richard Wearn, Associate Chair

Professor Rebecca Davis, Academic/Curriculum Advisor

Administrative Assistant 


Option Faculty

  • Animation - Sarah Beeby, Jim Ovelmen
  • Art Education - Mika Cho
  • Art History - Paul Anderson, Abbas Daneshvari, Manuel Aguilar
  • Fashion, Fiber and Materials - Rebecca Davis, Carole Lung
  • Graphic Design/Visual Communication - Michael Henderson, Jimmy Moss, Connie Utterback
  • Studio Arts - Luis Bermudez, Tim Ebner, Robert Martin, Richard Wearn

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Dates and Times: TBA

Do you want to get an overview of the new program? Come to one of the following group advisement sessions to get more information. These sessions will not offer individual advisement and program planning, but will provide you with the information you need to clarify conversion and how it may impact you as an ART major. Please attend a session that corresponds to your option.

Dates and Times: TBA
Contact - 323-343-4010/4012

BA in ART - Animation, Art Education, Art History, Fashion, Fiber and Materials, Graphic Design and Visual Communication and Studio Arts

MA in ART - Art Education, Art History, Design, Fashion, Fiber and Materials, and Studio Arts

MFA in ART - Design and Studio Arts

General University Resources

General Education Chart (Semester)

Documents and Handouts for Students

Documents and Handouts for Faculty/Advisors

Art Course Conversion Tables (Quarter to Semester)


ART Degree Programs

BA in ART Degree

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is designed to provide a balanced liberal arts education. The BA Program in Art presents students the opportunity to acquire an understanding of various art and design disciplines in order to develop excellence in a specific area. The total number of units required for the BA degree in Art is 120 units, of which 62-69 units are in the major depending on the option selected: Animation; Art Education; Art History; Graphic Design/Visual Communication; Fashion, Fiber and Materials; or Studio Arts.  

Required Units, BA Degree in ART

Animation Program Form
Art Education Program Form
Art History Program Form
Fashion, Fiber, and Materials Program Form
Graphic Design/Visual Communication Program Form
Studio Arts Program Form

Roadmaps, BA Degree in ART

Art Education
Art History
Fashion, Fiber, and Materials
Graphic Design/Visual Communication
Studio Arts 

MA in ART Degree

The Master of Arts degree (MA) is a 30-unit graduate program offered in the Art Education Option; Art History Option; Design Option (Graphic Design/Visual Communication, Animation); Fashion, Fiber and Materials Option; and Studio Arts Option (Drawing, Painting, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, New Genres). The MA degree is advanced study and practice in a specific discipline of Art.  The degree provides students with an opportunity to gain stronger educational and experiential basis for a professional career and may be an interim step to pursue further graduate work in the field.  It is considered to be a general degree, and is well suited for individuals that are seeking an advanced degree for teaching purposes.

Art Education Program Form
Art History Program Form
Design Program Form
Fashion, Fiber and Materials Program Form
Studio Arts Program Form

MFA in ART Degree

The Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) is a 60-unit graduate program offered in the Design Option (Graphic Design/Visual Communication, Animation) and the Studio Arts Option (Drawing, Painting, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, New Genres). The MFA degree is a highly selective, rigorous program for students who have already achieved a strong direction and focus in their work and a high level of technical proficiency in a specific discipline in the Design Option or Studio Arts Option. The program’s goal is to develop students into professional artists capable of producing high quality work for public exhibition and presentation, or professional designers well-positioned to be leaders in their industry. MFA graduates are qualified to teach at the university level, and are prepared to take their place within the visual arts or design communities and to make a significant contribution to their fields.

Design and Studio Arts Program Form

Undergraduate Minor and Certificate Programs

Minor Program in Art

A minor in Art is available for students majoring in other fields. A minimum of 30 units is required, including at least  12 units of upper division courses.

Undergraduate Certificate Program Fashion, Fiber and Materials

Certificate Program in Fashion, Fiber and Materials

The Department of Art offers an undergraduate credit certificate program in Fashion, Fiber and Materials that prepares individuals for career positions in the fashion industry. The program includes technical methods, theory, and creative concepts. A total of 18 units is required for completion of the certificate program, as outlined below. Refer to the Undergraduate Studies: General Information for general regulations governing all certificate programs.

Certificate Program in Fashion Retailing

The Department of Marketing jointly with the Department of Art offers an undergraduate credit certificate in Fashion Retailing designed to provide the skills required for executive positions in the fashion retail industry and to prepare individuals to become successful entrepreneurs in their own fashion retail business. A total of18 units is required. Refer to Undergraduate Studies: General Information for general regulations governing all certificate programs.