Arts & Letters Facilities

Instructional/Open Labs
The College of Arts and Letters has five labs available for instruction and open lab hours. Lab statistics are used in conjunction with faculty and student input in order to make decisions regarding lab services and resource allocation. Please read the Lab Policies and Procedures.

Click on a lab to see more details about that lab:

Computer Graphics and Animation Labs FA 225 & FA 226
Graphics Design tudio FA226

Graphic Design Studio FA226

Animation Studio FA 225

Aninmation Studio FA225

The Fine Arts labs are used for computer animation and computer graphics design. FA 226 currently features 25 work stations and FA 225 currently has 23 work stations. Both have Apple MacPros with 2.8 GHz Processors and 4GB of RAM and all have 23" Apple Cinema Displays. Software in both of these labs include:

Multimedia Lab MUS 211
Music 211
Music 211 holds a toal of 37 Apple Intel iMacs with mBox 2 mini audio interfaces connected to the computers via USB cable. All workstations include a wide variety of software for all Arts and Letters students that includes:

Music & Multimeadia Lab MUS 220
Music 220

The Music & Multimedia Lab features 18 Apple MacPro workstations with large cinema displays for the ultimate computing experience. Workstations have keyboard midi controllers and mBox 2 audio interfaces. All workstations include a wide variety of software for all Arts and Letters students that includes:

Modern Language Lab KHD 1041

Modern Language LabModern Language Lab

Available for students who wish to learn foreign languages including Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Students are able to use interactive software in audio or video format to help them learn a particular language. This lab features 30 Windows XP PC computers. Some of our language lessons are available upon request for students that provide us with their own blank CDs. The software available in this lab includes:

Instructional Labs

There are two labs available for instruction only. They must be reserved via the University Scheduling office. Contact your department administrators to reserve these rooms.

Music Studios

There are three music studios available only to students of the Commercial Music program that must be reserved via the Arts and Letters Help Desk with aproval from the Music Department. Click on a lab to see its current schedule:

  • Music 17: Film Scoring Studio
  • Music 19: Pro-Tools HD Studio
  • Music 20: Recording Studio

Open Access Labs

In addition to the college of Arts & Letters Labs, CSULA has several open access labs for all CSULA students to use. Please visit the Open Access Labs website for more information.