Current Students

Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement is an educational process that, by intention and design, facilitates students’ understanding of the meaning and purpose of higher education and fosters their intellectual and personal development toward academic success and lifelong learning (NACADA, 2004).

A&L Advisors

The College of Arts and Letters has staff advisors who are here to further extend the educational commitments set forth by the College’s mission statement and to facilitate department information. While we do not take the place of faculty advisors, we can provide current students with relevant information about university requirements, policies, and procedures.

In addition, we assist students with:

  • Understanding general education, university, and major academic requirements
  • Developing personalized academic plans to help students monitor progress toward graduation
  • Planning for registration
  • Completing appropriate department and campus forms
  •  Referrals to appropriate campus resources
  • Probation and disqualification advisement
  • Freshmen and Transfer Orientations

We encourage students to take an active role in advisement by initiating the following before each meeting:

  • Review your academic advisement report (CAAR) in GET prior to meeting with an advisor
  • Check the Schedule of Classes well before each quarter begins
  •  Note all relevant University Deadlines (such as the fees,adds, drops,etc.)
  • Come to each advisement appointment prepared with a list of questions or concerns to be discussed
  • Bring a tentative plan and be prepared to identify and discuss obstacles with a staff advisor that may cause academic difficulties
  • Bring any previous documents (curriculum sheet, GE worksheet, yearly plan, forms, etc.) regarding academic plans to review and answer questions
  • Follow through with recommendations agreed on during previous sessions to ensure progressive steps towards graduation and to maximize the outcome of each advisement session


Advising appointments are strongly encouraged. Students must make an appointment in advance to guarantee advisement time with a staff advisor, especially during peak periods (first two weeks of every quarter, registration periods, and graduation application filing periods). Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis for 30 minutes and must be scheduled in advance.Undergraduate students may make an appointment by contacting the advisors listed below:





Evelyn Chicas

(323) 343-4108

FA 322

Evelyn Espinoza

(323) 343-5061

MUS 233

Jennifer Jackson

(323) 343-4298

ET A610

Rick Urban

(323) 343-4080

MUS 234


If students are not able to keep their appointments, they must contact the advisor as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule for another time. Students may have their appointments cancelled if they are more than ten minutes late.


Walk-ins are welcomed and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, provided a staff advisor’s schedule permits. During busy times (first two weeks of every quarter, registration periods, and graduation application deadlines), wait times may vary extensively. To avoid long wait time, students are encouraged to schedule an appointment. If students need assistance with only quick questions (“where do I…how do I…where is…) or to get a quick referral, they are free to ask without an appointment. However, if the advisor believes that a student’s question or inquiry cannot be satisfactorily addressed in a few minutes, they may be directed to schedule an appointment instead.

For more information about A&L Advisement please visit our page on MOODLE!

Faculty Advisors

While full-time faculty in all departments engage in academic advisement, primary advisors may change on a quarterly basis. Each department in the College of Arts of Letters uses varying methods of scheduling an appointment with a faculty advisor. Students must sign up for a major advisement appointment by either direct engagement with the faculty or primary undergraduate/graduate advisor, the department administrative assistant, or the department chair. Individual faculty members may have sign-up sheets on their office doors, or sign-up sheets might be located near the main office of the department. This varies by department so be sure to familiarize yourself with the process for your major. Please contact your department for more information:





(323) 343-4010

FA 328

Communication Studies

(323) 343-4200

MUS 104


(323) 343-4140

ET A604

Liberal Studies

(323) 343-4100

ET A405

Modern Languages & Literatures

(323) 343-4230

KH D1054

Music, Theatre & Dance

(323) 343-4060

MUS 127


(323) 343-4180

ET A432

Television, Film, & Media Studies

(323) 343-5425

MUS 245

Student Services and Campus Resources

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