Apply to Biotech Boot camp

Thank you for your interest in Bioscience Entrepreneurs Boot Camp.

Dates and details about applications for the Winter '17/'18 cohort are pending. 

Please check back soon.

Application instructions for the previous cohort are below for reference.
Future application packets will likely be similar, but we do reserve the right to make changes.


Apply For Bioscience Entrepreneurs Boot Camp!

Individuals or teams of 2 to 4 from early stage bioscience companies or those intending to start a company in the near future are welcome to apply.

Rolling admissions are in effect.

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How to apply

Please email the following to, with a subject line including “Winter 2018 boot camp application” and your “First Name” and “Last Name”. Please submit all listed materials as attachments in a single email. Please do not submit packet materials separately.

  • Cover Letter (2 page maximum) - describe your training, experience, aspirations and how the boot camp will help your company achieve its goals.
  • Resume or CV (5 page maximum) – including contact information for three referees
  • Executive Summary of a draft business plan (5 page maximum) defining plans to develop a biotechnology/bioscience idea, or leverage an existing technology/IP (conceived by the applicant independently from any institution, from his or her own laboratory, or from a faculty advisor’s laboratory) in order to meet an unmet need. Descriptions of plans/activities/discussions to license certain technologies/IPs would be helpful. Do not provide proprietary details of IPs that are not already in the public domain. Addressing the following questions would be helpful: what is the unmet need that you plan to address? how do you think your biotechnology/bioscience idea/technology/IP can be converted to a product, service or process? who would be your customer, partner or funder?

Team applications should include the CVs/Resumes of all individuals on the team, one “team” cover letter, and one executive business summary of a draft business plan.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: