Boot Camp Application

Apply to Biotech Boot camp

The Bioscience Entrepreneurs Boot Camp summer 2019 application deadline is

June 25, 2019.

Detailed Program Information

Individuals or teams of two to four persons from early stage bioscience companies or those intending to start a company in the near future are welcome to apply. Rolling admissions are in effect.

To Apply:

Please submit the following documents in a single email:

  • Cover letter of no more than two pages that describes your training, experience, aspirations and how the boot camp will help your company or future company achieve its goals.
  • Resume or CV of no more than five pages that includes contact information for three references.
  • Executive summary of a draft business plan of no more than five pages that details:
    • Plans to develop a biotechnology/bioscience idea, or leverage an existing technology or intellectual property to meet an unmet need. These ideas can be conceived by applicants independently. Applicants can also leverage ideas from faculty or Principal Investigator's laboratories by agreement.
    • Descriptions of plans, activities, or discussions to license specific technologies or intellectual properties would be helpful.

Do not provide proprietary details of intellectual properties that are not already in the public domain.

Answering the following questions in the executive summary would be helpful:

  • What is the need that you plan to address?
  • How can your biotechnology/bioscience idea or technology or intellectual property be converted to a product, service or process?
  • Who would be your customer, partner or funder?

Team applications should include the CVs or resumes of all the team members, one cover letter for the team and one executive summary of a draft business plan.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: