Team Members



Faculty Advisor

Dr. Arman Pazouki


Captain / Suspension Lead        Co-Captain / Aero & Body Lead

Randy Perez                                  Christopher Morales


Engine Lead                                Drivetrain Lead

Martin Cholico                               Cody Ising


Frame Lead                                 Brakes Lead

Andy Hernandez                           Frank Garcia


If interested in being a part of our team, shoot us an email at , we accept ALL majors. If you don't know anything about cars or the engineering that goes behind designing one, don't worry we'll teach you!

We're also looking for business, communications, graphic design, web design, and other majors that can help improve the team in ways other than engineering. Great for your resume!

Be sure to stop by our HQ at ECST Room B15, near parking lot 10 by the baseball field.